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Who Are We?

We are a group of professional, semi-professional, and amateur musicians who from all over Ohio and share a love of making great music. Dr. Victor Liva conducts our rehearsals at CSU’S Waetjen Auditorium. Think you may be interested in joining a group of dedicated orchestral musicians? Set up an audition and join us!

The CPO is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to make musical enrichment accessible to all in the Greater Cleveland Area.

We have a long history. Read below to find out more about the orchestra’s founding.

Founding – 1938

Robert Zupnik was an oboist. He played with The Cleveland Orchestra from 1946-1977. He lived to age 101 and passed away in March 2019.

Alfred Zetzer played clarinet. He later joined The Cleveland Orchestra from 1950-1985.

Irving Klein was a cellist. He later founded the California Music Center. The Irving M. Klein International String Competition was created by CMC in conjunction with San Fransisco State University.

F. Karl Grossman

“A most capable and experienced leader who wanted the right things and knew how to accomplish them.”

George Szell

Grossman’s tenure as music director of The Cleveland Philharmonic lasted from it’s founding in 1938 until 1963.

Symphonic Journey, Con Amore

Interested in a deep dive into The Cleveland Philharmonic’s history? Robert Finn’s book, Symphonic Journey, Con Amore is an excellent choice for those wishing to learn more.